Tuesday, 27 March 2018



Art: What have we been doing for art?
We have been focusing on our technique and our detail. Also we have been working on different areas of art like using crayon, pencil and charcoal. In my opinion art is one of my favourite subjects because in art you can express yourselves and as my teacher says, "Draw what you see". My favourite drawing item to use is probably a normal writing pencil because you can shade with it and even make it look real. Lot's of my art are in normal writing pencil or crayon.

Project: What have we been doing for projects?
This year we have been really focusing on projects. The projects we got given this year to do are a global warming project, mine is on the water cycle and water restrictions and then another sort of project we got given was doing lot's of art for a expedition at the end of the year. ( Which I am really excited for ). 

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Ferrymead Experience

Today on the 13 of march 2018 we went to Ferrymead to study what people did in the olden days at school, house cleaning and how the post office worked. Today I learnt lots of things like how to wash clothes and how to send a telegram and all that cool stuff.

My favourite order of the things that we did today is:

A. The class itself was really scary but you know who was scarier and a more strict person, it was Mr Black. We all had to behave ourselves and we also had to just do what he told us to do and we could not laugh. He even showed us the cane and the whip and also showed us how to use them but he didn't do it on us thankfully. 
The rules were: 
1. Children must be seen and not heard
2. Sit up straight at all times with your feet on the ground
3. Boys and girls do not play together or sit together

House cleaning
B. Second of my order of favourite activities was cleaning the house. The reason I liked this activity second was because it was really different and fun and it was interesting to see how everything worked like washing clothes, vacuuming the floor and we also did dusting outside. So that just shows that in the olden days the mother would be working really hard to get all these jobs done.

Post office
C. Post offices were really different in the olden days and that is why it was really interesting to me. If you think about it you will actually realise that if you wanted to make a really fast call you would have to actually go to the post office and first call the operator and then they would connect you to the person that you want to talk to ( crazy, I know ). 

V hut
D. The last activity in my list was the V hut. I did still like this activity and it was still interesting because we did see how the butter was made so that was really cool and we also washed some clothes and washed dishes, ( obviously the old way ). But it was still really awesome to see inside the V hut.     

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The four dragons draft

My Draft

Once upon a time, along time ago there lived four healthy dragons, the four dragons lived in ancient china. The black fear dragon, the yellow gold steel dragon. Then was the long slithering snake dragon and then the pearl resisting the dark dragon. There were no rivers for the villagers people and they were praying before their feet for water.

A sea not so far from the village there lived the four dragons, they were watching over this little village and saw the people were all very upset. The dragons just took a minute to think how they could help these poor people. So the dragons got a little something in mind to help. They decided to fly up to the emperor up above the clouds and ask for it to rain. Of course being the emperor he said to wait a week and he will do his job. So the days went, sun and moon and still there was no rain.

Another lot of days went past and one day the dragons decided to fly over the village and see what was happening, as the dragons were thinking the people were still very upset. “What shall we do?” asked the pearl dragon, in a very sad voice.
“We shall help the people ourselves” said the long dragon, in a deep voice.
“And how are we going to do that?” said the pearl dragon, again in a sad voice.
“We are going to share our sea water with the people”said the long dragon, with is wings held up high.
So of all the dragons went to the sea, getting ready to spray water over the people.
Soon later all the people were jumping for joy because they had water.
“You know we might get in trouble for this” said the yellow dragon, sighing.
“Yes I know, but it was for the best” said the black dragon, also sighing.
After the dragons did all they could do they felt a bit better and decided to go to sleep. The next day the emperor came to meet the four dragons. He was very cross with the dragons because he could only make it rain himself.
“Why did you make it rain”? asked the emperor, in a scary voice.
“We were just trying to help the people” said the pearl dragon, in a scared voice.
“Well since you did that, I am sending all four of you to the mountain god, he will deal with you” said the emperor.

The night went past and the next day the dragons were shivering frightened to see what the emperor and mountain god were going to do. Soon later they were already at the mountains ready to be punished.
“So… what are we going to do with then” said the emperor.
“Well I was thinking to maybe, trap them under the mountains”? Said the mountain god.
“Splendid” said the emperor.
“Ok let’s do this” said the mountain god.
Later that day the four dragons were trapped under the four mountains.

The dragons were screaming inside but they had to be calm. That night the four dragons waited until the mountain god was asleep and decided to make some magic and turn into four amazing rivers. The first river was named after the black dragon, the Heilong jiang. Then the long dragon, the Yangzi jiang. Then the yellow dragon, the Huang he. Then last the pearl dragon, the Zhujiang. So from this day on the four dragons lived happily ever after. The End

Sunday, 3 December 2017

My writing goals are...

1. 3.1  Use interesting vocabulary
2. 2.1 Consistently use full stops and capital letters
3. 1.3 Provide quality feedback on our peers' writing.

I will be working on these three goals throughout the storytelling classes.
It will be very kind if you guys could give me some feedback on my posts.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Cycle Safety

On the 27th and the 28th of November the year 6's had cycle safety.
This was my group and we were practicing our curb right outs.
The steps were number 1. look behind. Number 2. if there weren't any cars put your right hand out.
And number 3. take of in pedal ready. It was a really fun experience and I wish we could do it again.
Up the top you will see a photo of my friend doing a curb right out. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Gavin Bishop

Today we met the amazing Gavin Bishop!
He came to our school and talked about his newest book (Aotearoa the new zealand's story)
It was really interesting him talking about the journey of his new book.
Here is some photos of him telling us about his book.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Welcome to my learning blog

Hi my name is Sophia.S
I am a year 6 student,
On this blog I will be sharing my learning with you.
Some pieces of my work will not be finished and others will.

A piece of work that I'm doing at the moment is newspapers, we have to make our own newspaper brands, mine is the Newspaper Express, and then we have to make up some articles for our newspaper. Mine is on Education. I'm not the best at it but it is really fun. I am really excited to share it to you soon.
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28/3/18 Art: What have we been doing for art? We have been focusing on our technique and our detail. Also we have been working on differe...